What Are Full Time and Part-Time Freelancing

Each of us wants freelancing. But the question arises whether we want to do it as a regular full-time business or as a part-time.

Here are some key points.

Part-time freelancing:

Part-time freelancing At least initially, there is a lot to be said for “freely” thinking freely. This is a great way to test the water without taking such a big leap. You can spend as much time after time planning your business.

As long as you feel comfortable before going into an unknown field, and only then can you save money? You may be able to choose from the work you do because your salary is still coming to help with expenses. If you don’t have a good recent job, to show it off, part-time freelancing lets you build a great portfolio before you go full-time.

Now the clients you connect with are with you, once you make that quick jump, it helps in quick cash out. This will allow you to take your time out of the home office without wasting your initial budget. Doing part-time freelance after hours, as well as holding a full-time position gives you an authentic taste of a busy week as a freelancer. This can help you determine your ability to cope with this amount of work at any time.

Disadvantages of Part-Time Freelancing:

Depending on your employment contract, you may be barred from doing work that is in direct competition with the services offered by your employer. It is better to consult your boss to discuss this.

Most customers will want to contact you during their working hours, which is when you are busy with your full-time gig. You miss all the important working hours of the evening and weekend. If you have a lot of work to do, you may end up trying to get two jobs. While you have a few hours to work, you will be careful not to move too fast. Trying to keep everyone happy can be difficult, and you will have to give up new work in order not to fail existing customers.

Full Time Freelancing:

There are some compelling benefits to jumping with both feet. You will have the freedom to establish your own independent life instead of migrating from a full-time job. Full-time startup mode means, that you will have enough time to network, make important connections, and meet prospects.

There is no problem in bothering your employer to work independently on your behalf, and you can handle as many new clients and projects as you can. There will be no hesitation in taking it.

Some Disadvantages of Time Freelancing:

However, there are some disadvantages to immediate freelancing. During these first few weeks, self-esteem does not improve. When you run errands in the business of making links and doing business, the cash drain can really hurt your back pocket.


The first accident in this important project happens, when these projects are achieved. Understandably, you will be more interested in taking the opportunity to make much-needed money than mapping your legal business structure. Considering these factors, we may consider full-time or part-time freelancing.

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