The horrific idea creative people have of selling

The horrific idea creative people have of selling

In truth, this is just a little bit of psychology and nothing bad, but something that we ourselves face every day.

We choose the brand that grabs us emotionally, that catches us “on the right foot”, and only rarely for the one that lists the better “features”.

So, learn the psychology behind marketing and sales (nothing that can be summed up in one paragraph of a blog article, sorry) and most importantly, stop inferring your own customers from yourself.

Just because YOU might not pay 5,000 for it doesn’t mean that you won’t find customers who will be very happy to pay 5,000 for it.

You are not your customer

And at the end of the day, stop trying to please everyone or integrate your social streak into your business.

I am also aware of this problem. Whoever asked me whether it couldn’t be cheaper, because “you know, it’s really tight right now” … immediately got a sympathy discount from me.

But, you know what? You are doing enormous damage to yourself!

So I started to separate clearly.

My social streak got a charity project at least once a year that I chose myself.

Not because I fell into the dark side of power, but because it just makes sense for everyone.

I just want to survive my job without working sick and I want to choose for myself when I work for someone for free.

No bad vibes

Learn to meditate. Now!

Stop. Please stay.

Even if you now expect wrap skirts and incense sticks. Don’t worry, what I mean has nothing to do with it!

I won’t tell you to hug trees and you don’t have to dance your name either!

Meditation has now (finally) arrived in neuroscience and is an incredibly powerful and helpful tool. I gained my first experience with it 10 years ago, but not really “found my way” in it, so I left it again. And started again. And relaxed. And started. And now I’m sticking to it.

Self-employment is an extremely strenuous process with many ups, downs, efforts and stress.

If you had a very, very, very simple means with which you could get the most out of yourself with minimal effort and it wouldn’t cost you anything, would you do it?

Naturally. You’re not an idiot. And that’s exactly why you should study meditation.

It’s not magic, no woodoo shit and you are not promised holiness.

It is nothing more than a simple workout that will help you train and keep your brain, immune system, energy level and overall health at stable, strong levels.

Just like you have been shown to train your biceps if you lift a 10 kilo dumbbell every day. And you will need that on this journey.

More than anything else!

Finally, one more question that is still very often asked:

“And, would you do it again if you knew what to expect”?


It would be more uncomfortable if I knew how hard it can get in between, of course.

But would I want to do without having gone all this way, being able to look back on it and sitting here in my studio for which I tore open the famous, with portraits of super exciting people on the wall that I did, a book project in progress, the best first officer in the world, a 5-person team that makes work fun, can do every day what I loved to do when I was 14?

Of course not!

I will never forget this ingenious feeling alone, mixed from departure, joy and shit that I had when I put this trade license on the table at home.

So you should still be reading and wondering whether or not to do it. Meditation will help you to clear out all the un necessary blockages out of mind. It will be beneficial in a long run and how more exciting can it get to be able to control your mind?


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