Help to update your own computer

Help to update your own computer

In order for a computer to run well and safely, it has to constantly supplied with updates . Many of these updates run automatically, because today programs can usually keep themselves up to date. In order to avoid possible errors anyway, the PC should be checked regularly and, if necessary, repaired manually.

Keeping your computer’s programs up-to-date is like checking your car’s oil and air pressure regularly – it’s necessary to keep your PC running. What you should check on your PC at least once a month can be found in the Silver Tips checklist:

The browser:

It is the gateway to the Internet and is therefore a constant companion in today’s computer world. In order to surf without a guilty conscience, it is important to always have it up to date. Usually the browser updates itself completely automatically. For example, security gaps are closed, which can be used to attack one’s own privacy while surfing. In addition, the range of functions that are added to the outdated browser version also increases.

The browser plug-ins:

These plug-ins extend the browser, for example, with functions such as blocking advertising or similar. In order to close security gaps and to be able to display web content error-free, the plug-ins must also be kept up to date. The plug-in update does not run automatically for all programs. You should therefore check for new updates yourself at regular intervals. You can usually find a list of the existing plug-ins in the menu in the common browsers, which you can use to check their update status. In Internet Explorer, however, there is no such list, which is why you have to search for the individual programs yourself to check.

The firewall:

firewall monitors the interface between your own network and a public network such as the Internet and decides which secure network packets are allowed to pass through the wall and access the computer and which are not harmful. The updates are urgently needed so that this barrier works and can protect the computer from new forms of attack.

The Windows updates:

Windows updates increase the safety factor of the computer and its performance. You can install the updates automatically or run the update manually. With the latter variant, you should definitely keep an eye out for new updates every week.

The antivirus software:

Because there are always new malware threats, it is particularly important with antivirus programs to keep yourself up to date. The list of known viruses will be expanded with the updates . This is the only way for an antivirus program to recognize and ward off electronic malware

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