Four tips to make digital life easier

Four tips to make digital life easier

Danger of online fraud, data abuse or an unmanageable flood of information. Internet headlines are often not exactly positive and can be scary at times. But if you follow a few tips, fear of the Internet will be a thing of the past and the many positive aspects, such as contact with family or the opportunity to shop around the clock, invite you to participate.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the integrity of the website

Whether you are shopping online or looking for information, it is important to know who can be trusted and who cannot. One of the most important features to judge the seriousness of a website is the completeness of the imprint.

  • Company name;
  • Address with postal addressing (no post office box!);
  • Further contact options via telephone, fax, e-mail;
  • Natural person indicated as responsible for the site (name);
  • Entry in the commercial register and / or tax number.

Any of this information can be verified using a search engine. In addition, you can quickly see in the search results whether a provider, for example, has been found dubious by the consumer advice center or whether other users have had bad experiences.

Tip 2: Use data sparingly

Whatever you do on the Internet, regardless of which app you use on your smartphone, data is produced. Often users are not even aware of this. Internet users send and store very personal information via the global network. If you order goods, you give, for example, your name and address, possibly also the date of birth or the telephone number. Normally this happens without any problems, as most companies handle the collected data carefully.

The media often report data leaks in company computers, through which personal data is spread uncontrollably and then used for criminal purposes. State security authorities also have the option of accessing private information within the framework of the law. So it is not surprising that one often hears about the “transparent person”. Risks to privacy can never be completely ruled out. However, those who always handle their data consciously and carefully can reduce the dangers considerably and use all the advantages of the Internet.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the internet seal of approval

A number of providers on the Internet adorn themselves with seals of approval that are intended to distinguish their quality. However, there is no uniform seal for Internet shops on a statutory basis. Every operator of the quality seal focuses on different test criteria and standards. For information about which label is reliable, can be found on the website Initiative D21. The initiative is a cross-party and cross-sector network of almost 200 member companies and institutions as well as political partners from the federal, state and local governments. Your goal is to get charitable, groundbreaking projects off the ground.

Tip 4: Make use of the offers of senior Internet initiatives

If you are not sure how to use the Internet, you often have to ask your own children or grandchildren for advice. However, since these are not always available, questions often go unanswered. In addition to family and friends, there are other ways to get advice and help. Structured courses as well as senior Internet initiatives can be helpful here, as they enable participants to learn under similar conditions and open up spaces for experience. They offer exchange opportunities on a wide variety of topics.


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