Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The world is moving fastly around digital marketing. The industry of digital marketing continuously evolving and expanding. People are continuosly trying to learn,research, and discover more and more in order to gain more success.

-Dominate content marketing

As content marketers, people need to move beyond the superficial stuff. Afterall, the content is not only about improving the rankings. The content marketers must keep it in mind that the people reading those contents must also be valued regarding their choices of contents.

The article insists on the idea that the content needs to be more creative. They need to dig deeper into the realities and the topics as well.

Copyrights are not only the solution to produce creative contents specially when it comes to producing content for clients. As a content strategist, one must keep some points in mind. The major points are: what the client aims, how to plan the content and above all, how to distribute the content well.

When it comes to the latest contents in 2019, the perspective always revolves around being different. People, now-a-days, prefer blogs but there is still so much more about content marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing also evolves experimenting the quizzes however, its not possible in blog posts.

-Why caring about brand advocacy campaigns?

The usage of internet is rapidly changing around the world. People are contributing more towards social media and digital media. Almost all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Istagram and Twitter are different in their respective extensions. All these digital media apps are compulsory while creating any brand advocacy campaign. All these things require up-to-date and relevant resources.. however, the companies kept on changing the trends and mark their brands with the modern era. In order to follow the modern perspectives, one must go with the flow.

Below are some brilliant examples of widely known brands that utilized all the major components which makes a brand socially active while keeping in mind all the requirements of customers.

-Coca Cola

In 2010, a college gets the opportunity of coca cola’s happiness machine. Over 15 million people considered this huge brand advocacy campaign in the smallest time period of only one week of its release. It results in the tremendous outcome of brand’s success. Basically, this happiness machine was a vending machine that dispensed the supply of coca cola. This brand fitted the hidden cameras just to capture the pure excitement of customers while using this happiness machine. With the help of this unique idea, this brand achieved such heights of popularity that no other brand can buy.

-Red Bull

At the starting of the year 2010, Red Bull only had 8 million fans but as the year proceeds, the fan following got increased and it results in huge amount of 14 million fans. This huge amount of fans clearly shows the this brand has no signs of slowing down its success journey.

On the other hand, while talking about the popularity of this brand on social media apps, this brand achieved over 46 million likes on Facebook in 2016. Red Bull has proven this point that it’s the simple yet most effective way of promoting the product. Their strategy of popularity also includes queries from customers regarding energy drinks. Another major cause of their popularity lies in the fact that this brand promote its product through the cover photos and videos of sports.

-Final thoughts regarding digital marketing and social media

These well known brands leaves a vast variety of impacts on social media. They just rocked the world through their smart strategies of consuming digital marketing and social media properly. Their huge names just became exemplary among all the other brands.

In the early times, many social media campaigns were introduced just on the basis of trial and error. But as the time goes on, many other ways of getting success and maintaining it were introduced. These ways results in the success of digital marketing. Considering these favours, it becomes easy to observe that whether the strategy will work or not. However, it is not mandatory that all the tested and proven techniques will always be successful for all sort of brands. Sometimes, one must need to change the technique or just have to take a leap.


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