What Is Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization is the key to getting traffic to your site, but most people are not aware of it. But those who know search engine optimization. They are getting a lot out of it. This is what will increase the traffic of users to your websites. The result will be your success. This is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engines.

 Content on Websites:

Whenever we search Google by typing a few words, we see the links on the first page. So that’s why they come to the first page. There may be better content on these websites as well. This is simply because the links offered by Google are SEO optimized. So if you want your blog or website to appear on the first page, you have to work on search engine optimization.

Whenever you post your content on a website, it is crawled by search engine bots. And it is ranked in search engines, but these days it is not easy to get a blog or web page to the top. Each page is indexed with any optimization. When your site is ranking in the top 10 search results and what we call search engine optimization.

The meaning of SEO:

Search engine optimization means that you find your website index in the top search engines. Namely Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Google has a 53% market share in the search engine market. While the rest in the other. Search engine optimization is not just about indexing websites. To make the website top in the rankings. Most large websites invest too much to improve SEO, but you work a little harder on your content. So you can get the same result for free. Just try to post on a daily basis, never get tired, and try to publish at least one post daily. Doing so will cause search engine bots to crawl your site more and more and your site will get better ranking in search engine results.

Google must improve your website / blog. If you do this automatically, other search engines will rank you higher. Because Google has 53% market share. So every search engine follows Google. There is no advanced search in Google search. Very difficult but it is very technical, that the slightest mistake can lower the ranking of your website / blog.

How To Compare SEO Of Your Post:

Google generally believes in unique content and this is the biggest secret behind the success of many professional websites.

If you don’t have SEO, no matter how much money you spend, it’s best to publish quality content. If your site does not have quality content then consider the site useless so keep in mind Google loves fresh content, try to keep posting 2 to 3 posts daily to increase not only your SEO but also traffic.


Backlinks basically represent the quality of your site. This means, how much you’re URL is linked to the website, whenever you leave your website URL on another website. So they would think of it as backlinks but backlinks are of two kinds.

No follow And Do follow.

‘Nofollow is a type of command that is only for search engine bots. If your site URL is associated with nofollow, then it will be considered a backlink. But it will indicate the SEO bots, that link which is linked to. Not recommended to follow here. That is why it is not so important.

Do Follow:

This is the exact opposite of a nofollow link, when every one of your websites gets linked. So do follow link will point to SEO bots, that link is recommended to follow the link which is here. This will increase the credibility of your blog with Google or other search engines. Which increases the ranking of your blog. The more links you have, the higher your blog rankings will be.


So if you want your website / blog to rank well in Google search engine then you have to follow these steps. According to an estimate, Google passes only three out of a thousand websites a day. So keep working to improve your blog or website.

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