How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly?


In the present era, due to the accessibility of modern mobile phones to everyone, the search for websites is more in mobile phones. So websites should be better for mobile now than in the past. If this is not the case, users will stop coming back for your website.

The world of internet has developed a lot, and the biggest reason behind it is the improvement in technology. We are in an age where we can blog directly from our smartphones, and 2013 estimates that everything will work dynamically. Therefore, for webmasters and bloggers, optimizing their website for mobile users is becoming extremely important. If the speed of your website is not impressive, then it is quite clear that your visitors will leave your site without any further delay. So today we are going to talk, why is mobile important?

The following are some of the reasons why it is important to have a website that is suitable for mobile.

Consumers want the best mobile experience.

Your users are already using mobile. So if they don’t find your site mobile friendly, you will lose your significant users. Therefore, it is very important that you develop a responsive mobile theme. Because mobile matters are important.

Desktop-Like Mobile Experience:

Your customers always expect that they get the same experience on their mobile devices. As they meet on your desktop or laptop. Nobody cares, how healthy your site is. Just think about it, what your customers want is fast. About 90% of users abandon a website when it is not fully loaded on their mobile devices in 3 seconds. So make sure you keep up the pace and let your visitors enjoy the uncertain mobile experience.

Bad Mobile Experience and Users:

Users especially hate slow loading websites on mobile devices. If you are running a slow mobile template, chances are it will deprive you of your key users. And search engine bots can fine you for being a lazy website.

The best way to make your website mobile responsive:

The following are some key points and techniques, which can provide a pleasant experience to your mobile users.

Accelerate your mobile website:

We live in a world where people don’t have time to wait. Mobile users have very little time, that they want to make their experience as fast as possible. So that they can manage their work on the go. You have to keep in mind that no one cares how much content you have. If your site doesn’t meet industry standards, and it takes more than 5 seconds to load, you’re on the edge.

Nowadays the user often uses his thumb and fingers to run your website from his mobile. Design a website so that users can easily access your blog using their thumb.


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