Why Use the Old Account for Advertisements


It is better to use old accounts for advertising. Such an account gives you better results than using a new account. An old account has already gained the approval and trust of its followers and will appear as soon as the ads go live. Also, such an old account is much less likely to be inactive than new accounts. In this article, we explore the reasons why using an older account is better.

This has already been confirmed:

It’s easy to place an ad on an old account. In such an account you have everything to host the ad. In addition, the account already has a payment method paired, and it is ready to advertise. Such an account will be ready to run successful ads. In addition, such an account is always protected from suspicious activity, and the cost of advertising on old accounts will always be lower than what you pay on new accounts.

They are trusted:

Older accounts are more reliable than newer accounts. It is difficult for such an account to engage in fraudulent activities. Therefore it is usually difficult to ban this account. This is a stable account, which is reviewed with great difficulty. So it’s hard to ban. But new accounts are reviewed regularly, and fraud can easily be suspected. Such an account is sensitive and may be banned at any time. Also, the limit for an old account is higher.

Affiliate Marketing Account:

Affiliate is one of the easiest ways to make Account on this form. This refers to affiliate marketing to promote a particular product or service to consumers. For example: If I bought a specific product, and after the passage, I recommend you the same product. And I ask you to buy the product with your referral when you buy it, the production company will pay me a certain percentage of your purchase. Which is known as commission. If you keep referring to others, this series will continue.

Accounts Are Subject To Policy:

An old account will always be subject to the policy. It is very unlikely to be suspended due to a policy violation. Also, you have enough room to create an account and revisit it. In addition, using the old account allows you to prioritize your lead generation. You can do this by looking at leads generated by previous ads. This will help you come up with strategies and ideas, which can help you maintain your advertising.

You Have Access to Market Features:

Accessing market features on an old account is much easier than accessing a new account. The old account will have a verified phone number and will take at least 1-2 months to complete. Such an account has already been heated. This way, it allows you to join groups at your own risk of being locked out.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you should go for the old account when advertising. But the most important thing is that you get an account that is already verified, trusted, and compliant with the policy. Such an account cannot be easily deactivated. Because it is very difficult to monitor.

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