Learn How To Use App Images in Linux.


There are many ways to install the software in Linux, for example in Ubuntu Linux you can go to the Software Center and search for and install software from there. If there is no software in the Software Center and you search and download it from the Internet, you will need to download the deb package for Ubuntu. Conversely, if you are using Fedora Distro, you will need to download the rpm package of the same software, meaning the same software but different packages for different distros. This has been a headache for software developers in Linux for a long time until app images surfaced and made the developer’s job easier.

Linux such as Gravit Designer:

Sometimes when you download any software for Linux such as Gravit Designer, the software will be downloaded to your computer. Its extension would be an app image. These are portable Linux software, which you can use without installing, we will talk about them today.

Linux OS:

Within Linux OS, if you are using Ubuntu and looking for software for it on the Internet, you will be given a deb file, which you can double-click to install in Ubuntu, but The same deb file will not be used in Linux’s Fedora Distro. Instead, you have to download the rpm packages of this software. Conversely, if you download an app image of software, it can be used on any Linux distro. Another advantage of app image is that you do not have to install it, it is a portable software that you can put in a USB flash drive and use by simply double-clicking inside any Linux distro.

How to Use Appimage?

To use the app image, first, download the app image from the software website to your computer. Most modern Linux software apps provide app images, there is a good number of software on the app image website, and you can also download any software from there. After downloading you have to make the app image executable, this task is not difficult at all, just right-click on the app image and go to its properties. From the Properties dialog box, now you have to go to the Permission tab and click on Allow executing file as a program. Now your program has become executable.

Now, whenever you double click on this program it will be ready to work. Once you run the program, you will also find its shortcut in the programs menu. Uninstalling the app image is also very easy, just delete the app image and it will be uninstalled from your computer.

WordPress What, why, how?

WordPress is a popular CMS or Content Management System, in simple words, you can think of it as software through which we can create websites, easily manage and update them. Many newcomers consider WordPress a blogging tool. This was the case in the beginning, but over time, WordPress has changed so much that a large number of websites online today are built using the same CMS. The blog you are reading this post on is also a WordPress blog.

Why use WordPress?

The biggest reason behind the popularity of WordPress is that it is open-source and free, open-source is the name of freedom and choice. Anyone can go to the WordPress website and download and install this CMS on their server, the code of this CMS is also available online. It is very easy to use and learn, there are numerous tutorials available on Google and YouTube with the help of which it can be easily learned.

How about WordPress?

As I mentioned earlier, with the help of WordPress all kinds of websites can be created easily. Whether you want to create a blog or an e-commerce website, a school website, or a mosque website, all kinds of websites can be created with ease and convenience in WordPress.


After taking the hosting and domain, SiteGround will give you the C-Panel username and password, through which you can log in and install WordPress with one click.

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