The Amazon Echo Show Proved That The Future Is Near.


Amazon recently launched its Echo Show, which brought us a visual display for our smart speakers. The screen changes the Echo experience a bit, and I wonder if we’re ready to live in a world that the movie looks like out of Star Trek.

The Echo Show experience is like having a laptop on your desk, which uses artificial intelligence, which allows you to talk to it. And that gives you answers, and which can display different images on its screen. It searches the web for your answers.

Imagine the movie Star Trek, the enterprise ship, the crew could talk to the ship and he would answer them and also show the results on the screen. Similarly, the artificial intelligence assistant, Alexa, can answer your questions orally, and Echo Show will teach you more information in the required answers. It’s very impressive what this product can do.

How computing devices will move forward.

However, as long as a device is about to change the market, that is the resistance that exists for that change. People are not always ready to adapt to new technologies.

The user’s piece of the cake consists of those who are now ready to buy, those who like to play with new technology and new devices. They are usually the ones who adopt this type of technology easily and quickly. Then time passes and the product is written about, how it is commercialized over time and people start adapting to it, and so the next wave of consumers will come and then the next and so on.

Facebook launches worldwide B2B advertising campaign “Discover Growth”.

This past Wednesday, Facebook launched its global campaign “Growth Discovery” which focuses on B2B platform merchants. US campaign with a 30-day duration aimed directly at merchants as well as traditional brands will be available inside and outside. Facebook platform.

The platform’s campaign has reported, that it will include one ad a day on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network. The ads will include a mix of videos and links, complete with a direct response to the relevant data. They will ask merchants to register or visit the website for this campaign.


Entrepreneurs will be joined by a 4-week direct mail from Facebook with more information that will inform them of new ways in which they can attract new users through social networks. At the end of this 30-day period, registrars will receive an advertising collection that will allow them to purchase more gifts.

The platform’s offline campaign is reported to include print advertising as well as digital advertising in the publishing exchange industries, which will help them increase their performance in this field.

Advertising Constellation Research:

This campaign will help increase your sales on your platform by gathering information from your users to attract your attention,” said Cindy Zhou, principal analyst at Facebook B2B Advertising Constellation Research.

“This is the first global advertising campaign Facebook B2B platform to attract more users,” Zhou said. The effectiveness of Discover Growth depends heavily on following and supporting the main platform, which is Facebook. What will happen after this campaign? “Will Facebook continue with these great initiatives?”

What to Sell In an Online Store?

Opening an online store is a challenge, and opening a physical store is not the same, where potential customers are more limited, open an online store where everyone can access the Internet, and consider this store. One of the most important details is what are we going to sell? And if we already have a product, the question is how popular will it be?

As a favorite room, we get admission to various events. This is very interesting because it indicates that offering a service to a lot of users simplifies their activities. So we can also think of opening a store to organize activities, tourism.

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