Strategies That Can Increase Your B2b Sales


This marketing strategy can significantly increase your sales on your online business platform. At least they can increase it by at least 25% based on the results. Altman Wildery Polls, which was revealed this week. Yet only 15% of companies take full advantage of these strategies.

Even companies that use this strategy. They may fail to maximize their sales due to a lack of coordination and integration in the company.

The strategies are as follows.

Record customer journey:

The 2% of Un B70B platforms that are market-related record the travels of their users, but less than 15% of these routes are frequently reviewed. Repeated valuations can increase sales by 3 to 5%.

Companies should monitor their customers’ shopping journeys. They should usually be monitored during weekly or monthly reviews of the platform. Adjusting the journey for each customer is the only way they can set up a sales cycle.

Do sales and marketing work together.

Integrated Sales and Marketing After the initial sales you can increase the percentage of sales from 6 to 7%, but only 2% of B55B companies do this.

First, you need to understand the key points in this regard. Sales and marketing organization you have to implement a solution that can solve the challenges, which are in the hands of the company. This may include defining roles and responsibilities in the company, arranging perks, identifying success measures, and investing in the right tools to do it all.

Can this record fix Google’s style in Europe?

The Google Commission fined Google Unit 2. 2.4 billion For offering a comparison of its preference in your stores, equivalent to 7 2.7 billion. Small competitors and this is an act of abuse for its dominant position as a popular search engine. Google had to finish this job in 90 days or it would have to pay a penalty of 5, percent of your worldwide revenue.

Commissioner Margaret Westager:

It is in charge of controlling the competition, praised Google for its innovation throughout its existence but said Google’s actions were not limited to its reasonable efforts. Better comparison with the products of other stores than its competitors.

“Instead, Google misused its dominant position as a search engine in a marketplace that promoted its comparison between store services in its search results and downplayed its competitors. What Google has done under the rules is illegal, denying other companies the opportunity to compete and innovate on merit.

European Product Comparison:

Google first introduced Froogle in 2004 under the name “European Product Comparison”. The Froogle service was performing poorly, and Google changed its strategy in 2008 when it was renamed “Google Product Search.” It later became “Google Shopping in 2013”.

In 2008, when consumers were searching for products, Google gave preference to its comparison tool. Google had the opportunity to downsize numerous stores and markets, which is terrible and I think it deserved a fine.

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